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Updated December 29, 1996

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"Brace yourself,
prepare for the worst...
The ugliest man in the universe!!"

Steven Deal

An End-of-Year Update - Firstly, the Chopper CD reissue on BIG DEAL/CAROLINE (Big Deal 9032-2) is finally out... simply called "Chopper," it includes the entire song sequence from our Australian debut with 3 bonus tracks - a song left off "Madhouse" called "I Haven't Been Around," and two live tracks recorded on Valentine's Day 1993 - "The Inner Light" by the Beatles and "Itchycoo Park" by the Small Faces - these tracks feature the Deal/Dietrich/Appleby partnership which splintered into the new Deal/Appleby project "The Absolute Zeros."

THE ABSOLUTE ZEROS: this new band also consists of Evan Gamm of Shiv on bass, and Paul Tascione of Gladys Appears Dazed on drums. The first gig was at the GPSCY Bar at Yale with labelmates Hannah Cranna and was a smash hit, despite three different band names circulating in the press at the time (Chopper, Animal Five and Needle Park). We followed that with a show at New Haven's Toad's Place, November 17, opening for the Ocean Blue - then Friday, November 22 at Trinity College in Hartford. Look out for many more upcoming shows and releases from this incredible rock combo - visit the daily-updated Absolute Zeros Web Site for more information! Contact Chopper and The Absolute Zeros at:

Steven Deal, December '96

Chopper is a Connecticut-based power pop band which has been playing and recording in the Connecticut area since 1989. Chopper was founded by guitarist/songwriter Steven Deal, ex-Stevo of Bleached Black, supported on bass by Dean McNulty, with Furgis Allen on drums. Robert Dietrich joined the band as guitarist before the release of the band's first CD "Chopper" in 1991, and Rob and Steve formed a strong songwriting duo which would power the band through two more albums and numerous other recording projects.

Chopper has gone through several bass players and any number of drummers in the years since the band was formed. However, the songwriting team of Deal and Dietrich has remained intact throughout, and together they have led Chopper to critical acclaim, both in America and internationally. "Slogans and Jingles" was honored in the "Goldmine" record collectors' magazine as one of the top 50 power pop albums of all time. You can't please everyone though - here are a few of our favorite bad reviews...

After the "Slogans and Jingles" CD, Dean McNulty moved away from Connecticut, and his position as bassist was taken by Nick Appleby. Steve and Nick are now developing a side project, a new power pop band named The Absolute Zeros."

We hope you enjoy this archive of Chopper memorabilia, photos, and information. Feel free to e-mail us at with any feedback or questions.

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